Friday, June 19, 2009

"Sensational Rare Brown Lash Head Vase With French Beret By Rubens"

Who am I to laugh at someone else's hobby (me, owning dozens of berets and still adding...)? Still, I am struck by these headvases (and the value they have for collectors).
I quote the sale text for this beret wearing, thickly eyelashed and red lipped beauty, @ $590:

This wonderful special headvase is the hardest one to find from the Rubens set with long thick brown eyelashes.

This is only the second time ever that I’ve been able to offer this amazing model and amazing she truly is. Has wonderful detail, the sculpture of her hair with the strand of hair away from the rest is totally unique, she was done in the 1950's as part of a set of young ladies with different hairstyles, all with brown eyelashes.

Excellent condition, no chips, no cracks. Colors are just wonderfully delicious, the sculpture is also wonderful. Any white spots on eyelashes or anywhere else that may seem out of place, are purely reflection, everything about this piece is in perfect condition. Has normal, totally expected on this model, very clear, superficial crazing, nothing that stands out or interferes with the beauty of this piece, much more noticeable in my close up photos than in person, one has to look very closely, under strong light with a magnifying glass.

Measures 5-3/4" in height, incised on the bottom with the Rubens logo and number 4128, also has the Rubens Foil Label.

Fabulous piece to add to a collection or even display on her own, this is really a beautiful object on it’s own right

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