Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hispano Basque - the New South Pacific Beret!

Almost six years ago, I had berets made under my own South Pacific Berets label, providing an alternative for the more expensive models made in France and Spain. 
Now, I have practically sold out of these berets and, as there is still a need for affordable but good quality wool berets, I started working on a new range of berets.
The result is the Hispano Basque range; made exactly according to my specifications, headband-less berets in three different colours (for now, more colours in the pipeline) and in a large variety of diameters.
The 'Hispano Basque' label is a vintage label of French origin that was popular in the 1950's and has now found a new lease of life.
This original Hispano Basque beret was recently auctioned in France. Approx. 1950's.
From today available here

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