Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to be Parisian in Melbourne

When on one of my many internet searches for beret related material, it is amazing how many sites I find that advertise "being French", being Parisian", how to dress "like a Parisian"... Fascinating.
Melbourne model Marijana Radmanovich at bakery, South Yarra
I don't think they mean the banlieue of Clichy-sous-Bois, or other less romantic parts of Paris. No, it's this idea, or fantasy, of a romantic place where the sun always shines, the people wear berets and Breton striped shirts

 (I don't think they smoke Gauloises these days, like they did in this picture 20 years ago) and red wine and croissants are abundant.
Marijana Radmanovich at Anderson Street Bridge, South Yarra
A bit like this article in the Australian Herald Sun: 25 ways to be Parisian in Melbourne.


  1. Daan, let me make a contrast here about the French and the French culture in Canada. Here, the French do not smoke Gauloises, nor do they eat French crusty bread and baguette nor do they wear berets and dress with a cape berger and keep other traditions and customs associated with the French in Europe! VERY interesting...wouldn't you say?

    If any other French out there from Canada please feel free to add to the conversation. In addition, French Canadians only seem interested in keeping the French language itslef alive (along with the French settlers history of the area in which they live) but aside from this nothing else really. Again, very, very interesting nes't pas?

    1. Unfortunately, even in France the beret-wearing population is in minority (that's one gross understatement!), and Gauloises too are not as commonly seen as when I grew up (a good thing really, as anyone who ever smoked Gaulaoises would confirm).
      But baguettes, yes, still plent baguettes (and the beret is making it's return) - there is hope.