Saturday, November 29, 2014

Les Bergers Carthares

Olivier et Marielle Chautard live on a farm in the foothills of the Pyrenees (Ariège) in the heart of Cathare country. For them, the best decision they ever made was to take on the family farm where they primarily breed sheep and angora goats.
"We live each day in complete happiness knowing how lucky we are to live within the framework of nature: the seasons, the sun, the rain, the snows (There'salways a reason for farmers to talk about the weather!)
Above all else, our trade is a passion. Olivier is a true breeder at heart, recognizing all his animals, attentive to the least sign indicating that a goat is ready for lambing or is sick... this often requires much patience and effort.
Marielle, is passionate about the creation and manufacture of the sweaters, jackets, coats..."
But what does their particular breeding mean? They have about fifty angora goats whose principal function is to produce mohair. Twice a year they shear them because their hair grows very quickly and each adult goat produces 3 to 4 kg of mohair. The fleece is sorted and classified in various categories of smoothness, length, cleanliness...
The mohair is then entrusted to the best home-workers to be transformed into various yarns for weaving or knitting.
Marielle developed some beautiful berets in a mix of mohair and silk.ore information here

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  1. Living within the framework of nature and being attentive to his animals - how very fortunate for man and beast. This is the way to live, in harmony with all.