Thursday, November 13, 2014

Intoxicating Paris

Pamela PJ Adams is a psychotherapist and author living in California. 
"Are you interested in finding your inner Parisian? Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within is PJ Adams's quirky journey through the byways, kitchens, shops, cafés, closets, boudoirs, and creative heart of Paris. Intoxicating Paris takes you through the ancient streets of Paris, where you'll find the secrets of creativity that inspired the likes of Hemingway, Hugo, and Rodin. And so it goes on and on...
Who would love this book? Style lovers, foodies, creative hearts, romantics, and anyone who simply loves Paris." No, not really the right book for me, even though I have to admire PJ for finding those few berets in Paris that can be found there these days...

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