Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Boinas of the Fábrica Nacional de Sombreros

The brand new page for the berets by the Uruguayan Fábrica Nacional de Sombreros is LIVE!
The Fábrica Nacional de Sombreros is a long-time player in the world of berets and one of the oldest beret manufacturers in the Americas. The manufacturing processes remain artisanal, a combination of handwork and machines that has hardly changed from 80 years ago. 
Making berets, or boinas, can't be studied - it is taught by masters to apprentices from person to person, from generation to generation. The Fábrica Nacional makes a variety of berets in a beautiful light density merino wool and pure cotton. Berets that are durable work-gear for the gauchos, farmers and peasants, adapted to South American conditions; breathable, warm in winter - cool in summer and due to their diameter, offering great protection form the sun.
South Pacific Berets stocks the medium diameter un-lined Nutria merino berets, the standard 295mm diameter Castillas in both merino wool and pure cotton in a variety of colours, as well as the custom made Cataluña Plato Grandes in 350mm diameter. 
All are top quality berets, made for South Pacific Berets (see label) and hard to find anywhere outside Uruguay.

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