Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Mystery of the Basque Language

The origins of the Basque language are still shrouded in history, but this video sheds a (little bit of) light on it, through facts, folklore and anecdotes. And there are a good number of Basque berets mixed in!

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  1. I recall seeing this video about 1 year ago. As a Basque now living in Canada, i speak it very spotty to say the least. But i do recall that in 1990 a professor mentioned that the language survived the Roman period due to the fact that Euskal Herria was protected by the vast mountain ranges far away from regular civilization. I can attest to this because all i recall from back home is mountains upon mountains so there's nobody to bother you! Just me, my boina and fresh goat cheese, red Spanish wine and a fresh bara de pan (what the French would refer to as Baguette). Long live Euskal Herria!