Monday, September 2, 2019

A First Time Ever: Boinas de Argentina on SPECIAL!

Export restrictions and currency exchange regulations make importing from Argentina a difficult business; hence too little stock usually to do a SPECIAL on these fantastic berets.
So, for a first time ever, on SPECIAL this week at a 20+% discount, a variety of Boinas Espinosa, Tolosa Tupida and Plato Grande.
The boinas Espinosa and Tolosa Tupida are made of 100% Argentinian merino wool; soft to the touch, durable, light and extremely comfortable. What better recommendation than that the gauchos of the Argentinian pampas principally wear these berets? 
Available in a large range of diameters and colours, all in one-size models without headband - so no worries about sizing. 
The boinas Espinosa are unlined berets in 28cm diameter; the boinas Tolosa Tupida have satin lining fitted and are 30cm in diameter. 
The boina Tolosa Tupida Plato Grande is a generous 32cm diameter. 

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