Thursday, September 19, 2019

Moisés Ciriano dies, one of the elders of Soria who predicted the economic crisis in a video

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One of Soria's two old boineros in the video "It was seen coming”, about the financial crisis, that went viral on the web, has passed away. Moisés Ciriano, one of the protagonists of the video has died in the private residence of Soria in which he had been admitted just three weeks earlier.
The two elderly protagonists remembered their hard childhood, with next to no schooling and working as children. They predicted the economic crisis in the country.
"Now I live better than ever, because before it was a martyrdom. That was no way to live," said Moses. "I do not keep good memories, all bad ones," he added, and said that his shepherd's life had been "worse than milk." The 80,000 pesetas of his pension made him "very happy" because he was more than he had earned all his life working, he commented.

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