Monday, September 9, 2019

Józef Klemens Piłsudski

Józef Klemens Piłsudski (1867 –1935) was a Polish statesman who served as the Chief of State (1918–22) and First Marshal of Poland (from 1920). 
He was considered the de facto leader (1926–35) of the Second Polish Republic as the Minister of Military Affairs. From World War I he had great power in Polish politics and was a distinguished figure on the international scene. He is viewed as a father of the Second Polish Republic re-established in 1918, 123 years after the 1795 Partitions of Poland by Austria, Prussia and Russia.
Deeming himself a descendant of the culture and traditions of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, Piłsudski believed in a multi-ethnic Poland—"a home of nations" including indigenous ethnic and religious minorities that he hoped would establish a robust union with the independent states of Lithuania and Ukraine.
Not known to be a beret-wearer himself, many (Basque and military) berets were seen on Piłsudski's 2019 birthday celebration.

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