Monday, September 30, 2019

Henri Royer

Henri Paul Royer (1869 –1938) was a French painter, remembered especially for his genre works from Brittany.
Painter of genre, portraitist and landscape artist, he traveled in America and Europe during his life.
In 1896, together with his wife, he arrived in Brittany, where he was to spend long periods for the rest of his life, especially in and around Audierne. Unlike other artists, he was above all interested in the people rather than the scenery. In order to become closer to them, he even learnt to speak Breton. His paintings reveal careful attention to their costumes.
Henri Royer's grand-niece, Nicole Rooy andt Marie-France Ingouf. In the background, his work: Quais d'Audierne, the Kérisit brothers.

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