Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Emile Series #7: Emile Lang

Emile Lang was a French firm that, early last century, produced a series of soldiers made of papier mache in various French uniforms.
The dolls were offered in various Parisian Etrennes catalogs such as that of Au Printemps stores. 
Shown below: a "poilu" ("hairy one", nickname for the soldiers fighting the trench war of 1914-18) in hardened canvas; very expressive glass eyes, brown molded mustache, characterized face and molded ears. Beautiful felt suit in good condition, cardboard label on the left shoulder: "E.L Système Breveté Manufacture Française Jouets Tissus", with its rare metal buttons, matching felt headphones, satchel, fabric hands with separate thumb. Ht: 52 cm. To date it is the 2nd found listed, sold at 3500 euro on auction.

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