Saturday, September 7, 2019

DKW Schnellaster

The DKW Schnellaster, also known as the DKW F89 L, was a van produced by DKW from 1949 to 1962. 
Alongside the DKW F89 passenger car, it was the first vehicle to be manufactured by the new Auto Union conglomerate in Ingolstadt, following the re-establishment of the business in West Germany. The model name Schnellaster translates from German to English as Rapid Transporter.
The van was also produced in Vitoria, Spain, by Industrias del Motor S.A. (IMOSA) from 1954. In Spain, DKW became a common term for any van, and is still used today. The Spanish subsidiary also produced a modern successor with all new bodywork, introduced in 1963 and called the DKW F1000 L. This van started with the three-cylinder 981 cc two-stroke DKW engine, but later received a Mercedes-Benz Diesel engine and was finally renamed a Mercedes-Benz in 1975.

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