Wednesday, April 7, 2021

El Apóstol

El Apóstol (English: The Apostle) is a 1917 lost Argentine animated film utilizing cutout animation. Many historians consider this film to be the world's first animated feature film. 

It was directed and produced respectively by Italian-Argentine immigrants Quirino Cristiani and Federico Valle. It started production after the success of Cristiani and Valle's short film, La intervención a la provincia de Buenos Aires, and was either produced in less than ten months or in twelve months. The script was written by Alfonso de Laferrére, the background models of Buenos Aires were created by Andrés Ducaus, and the initial designs of the characters were drawn by Diógenes Taborda. 

The film was a satire based on the current president at the time, Hipólito Yrigoyen. In the film, he dreams about going to Olympus and discussing political issues with the gods before using one of Zeus's lightning bolts to cleanse Buenos Aires of corruption. 

The film was well-received at the time in Buenos Aires but was not distributed to other provinces in Argentina nor to other countries. The film was lost after it was destroyed in a fire in Valle's studio in 1928.

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