Friday, April 9, 2021

John Harris - Founder of The Common People

With his retro round glasses, his long white beard and a small red star hammer and sickle badge pinned on his beret, Mr Harris does not look like a conventional parliamentary candidate.

With very little online presence, not much of his life, his party or its proposals is known to the public. On, the party describes its members as "socially-minded people seeking to form a majority in Westminster government in order to improve the quality of life for everyone".

It says it wants to "implement a moderate, just and fair socialist policy on behalf of all the citizens of the United Kingdom".

The Common People’s ‘colonial policy’ is slightly unusual: “This party recognizes that the long-term survival of British society is entirely dependent on the establishment of self-sustaining colonies beyond the solar system, each tasked to expand into the galaxy at large.

“Until such colonies are established, we recognise the need to sustain as great a genomic diversity across all species as can be managed, this being our legacy, together with our British culture, to our descendants.

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