Monday, April 12, 2021

Jean-Philippe Mayerat

 Jean-Philippe Mayerat is a traditional, artisan boatbuilder on the shores of Lake Geneva (Switzerland).

Nourished as a child by the stories of great navigators, assiduous surveyor of the port of Rolle, the young "Mayu" decided that one day he would become a shipbuilder.

Failing to go around the world, he navigatyes the lake through the many and venerable boats that pass through his golden hands. For more than 30 years he has been building, restoring and repairing, from the humblest canoe to the dashing sailboats of the past century.

For "Mayu", a boat is made of wood and it is steeped in history. A great fan of "boating", he lovingly manufactures a multitude of skiffs based on the shapes of the fishing and pleasure boats that populated Lake Geneva before the arrival of plastic.

Have a look at the material on his extensive website.

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