Friday, April 16, 2021

Philippe Lacube

Even when Philippe Lacube finds the time to go on vacation in his busy schedule, it is to discover mountains other than those in Ariège where he was born.

Together with his wife, he surveyed the slopes of Nepal and Cape Verde. They took the opportunity above all to observe the local pastoral systems, the true passion of Philippe Lacube, the son of a teacher and a worker in the Luzenac talc factories who always dreamed of becoming a mountain farmer.

After training which notably took him to Bolivia where he worked in an agricultural NGO, he returned home in 1994 to create a breed of transhumant Gascon cows. But Philippe is already seeing further: “I quickly realized that if I wanted to create wealth in the region, I had to go directly to the consumer”.

To do this, he had to expand his activities: the organization of educational walks on the Beille Plateau where his cows migrate, mail order, a product store. And for four years, a restaurant in Les Cabannes, in the family house, which has of course decided to focus on the quality of the products, and once again on the presentation of pastoralism.

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