Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alan Shapiro

Many followers of The Beret Project will be familiar with the picture above, a fantastic photograph by NY photographer and creative mind Alan Shapiro. The picture was shot in Paris in front of the Louvre and the gentleman is named Ernesto who was worried that his wife had gotten lost. Alan and Ernesto chatted for quite some time in broken French and English until his wife showed up. She was even more of a character than Ernesto but didn't want her picture taken... Just one of the many great people-pictures (and little anecdotes) by A.S. 

Here is another: Henri and Charlotta from Bordeaux but now living in Cannes. They have been married for 46 magnificent years. When Charlotta told Alan that, he said "it's obvious from the look on Henri's face that if I weren't here, he'd have you in his arms". They both looked at him. Click.
Last one, great picture - no story:

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