Thursday, August 11, 2011

Svan Hats vs NY made 6 Panel Felt Caps

I have written about the Svan felt hats of (the Republic of) Georgia before and since then I have tried endlessly to find and import these great hats - unsuccessfully, so far...
While searching, I did find some interesting material though, like these photographs here.
There are even organized Felt Svanetian Hat Making Courses for foreign tourists these days, something unthinkable during my last stay in Georgia 14 years ago. 
The similarities with the Basque beret are plentiful of course: both hats were found (and continued to be made by) shepherds, mountain people; felted wool made into hats for centuries without any change (or compromise) to the original design, all natural materials, etc., etc. 
Despite the enormous changes that Georgia has gone through over the last two decades, internet-ordering felt hats made by peasant women from the other side of the world, still proves to be difficult - I'll keep trying though.
I did find an alternative that, despite being pretty far removed from the traditional Svan hat, really took my liking.
These 6-panel felted wool skull caps are US made and a fantastic alternative for a beret (for those who need or like the (occasional) alternative, of course. 

I ordered a small number in a variety of colours. Great hats showing good craftsmanship and from today available here


  1. Despite the enormous changes that Georgia has experienced over the past two decades, online ordering hat made ​​of peasant women from the other side of the world still turns out to be difficult I will try nevertheless.

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  2. Well, good news then. I am awaiting an order of Georgian (Svanetian) felt hats now - hopefully in store in another 3 weeks!

  3. How Can i purchase one of these hats?

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Not easy. I used to stock these hats, but importing from Georgia as well as the high cost of money transfers to this country, make it prohibitively expensive to restock. I do have the Kakhetian Mountain Hat in stock still though.
      As for Svanetian hats, I honestly have no idea.
      Good luck.