Sunday, August 28, 2011

The NZ Series #19 - Rugby World Cup 2011

I've written about Rugby and Berets before (here and here) and from the 9th of September, it will be rugby all around me when the Rugby World Cup starts, 2 km's down the road at the cake-tin
Likely to be the only one Kiwi that knows literally nothing about rugby (apart from the fact that some French, Welsh and the occasional Kiwi player and supporter don their heads with a beret) it's a time of great difficulty for me; not to anger my fellow citizens with my stupid questions and comments, my not-understanding of nationalism and the joy of watching grown-up men chasing after a ball, inflicting severe injuries on themselves and other players in the meantime.
But, a great believer in tradition, I am happy to offer a new addition to South Pacific's stock: the all black South Pacific Rugby-Beret with an embroidered NZ silver fern leave and rugby ball @ $34.95! What's more, all profits of the sales go to NZ Women's Refuge (who expect a dramatic increase in the need of their services during the games). 


  1. Kudos to you Daan, re: the "rugger's"! Not a big fan either, of contact sports. Though in my time, played a few. I'm applauding your choice of charity. Give me a few weeks to think it through and I might spring for one? ...... Just not a fan of logos, of any sort. Given that this one is, quite tasteful. It might look good when I'm playing my squeezebox?

    So, in the spirit of Rugby Union. I say, "Cymru am bythe". Go Wales.....go!

    Cheers Jamie

  2. You're not the only one who is independent of rugby; I share your lack of interest. I actually find it distasteful to watch, especially when matches are begun with a war dance.