Monday, August 22, 2011

Brittany (Bretagne) and Berets

The French region of Brittany (or Bretagne in French, Breizh in Breton) has appeared on The Beret Project a number of times (here, here and here, for example). 
In a bar, Finistère, 1950
Situated on a finger sticking out into the Atlantic, it is far from the traditional homegrounds of the beret, but berets are, or were, found plentiful nevertheless. 
Tuna fishermen, Concarneau (Finistère)
Of course, there are some strong similarities between the Basque region in France and Brittany; a proud people, independent, sticking to their old native tongue, fishermen...
Here some random vintage photographs of berets from Brittany. 


  1. Great photos. I notice that most of the footwear that can be seen are clogs. Footwear that is a as practical, with as much history as berets. .... maybe more, who knows?

  2. Great minds think alike... I was just searching for more photographs of 'clogs (sabots) and berets' when your message came in. To be continued...
    Thanks, jamie