Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harry Manx (but no beret...)

Okay, this post shouldn't really be here. A Canadian friend suggested a post on Harry Manx, as a Canadian beret wearer.
I checked out Manx's web site, discovered he doesn't wear a beret (but a kind of beanie, a nice beanie, I have to admit), but at the same time instantly fell in love with his music. 
Harry Manx is a musician who blends blues, folk music, and Hindustani classical music. He was born on the Isle of Man where he spent his childhood and now lives on Saltspring Island, British Columbia. Manx plays the slide guitar, harmonica, six-string banjo, mohan veena and Ellis stomp box. He studied for five years in India with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. To date, he has released eight albums.
Manx's musical style has been called an "essential musical link" between the East and the West. His songs are "short stories that use the essence of the blues and the depth of Indian ragas to draw you in". I am in...
Thanks, Jamie  (despite the beanie)
And, impressed with both the music and the beanie, or tuque to be more precise, I stock these now at South Pacific Gaucho!

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