Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dave Rogers - Making Gear for Legends

Meet Dave Rogers, a customer from Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Dave is the founder/owner/director of DS-Tactical ("Gear made for Legends"), is of Basque heritage and glad to have finally found a beret that is wearable in the hot desert sun behind the forge where he makes his legendary knives (a boina Tolosa Tupida en Algodon)
Not much of a knife-man myself, I do really appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication of a true artisan craftsman. 


  1. According to Stephen Oppenheimer, most europeans have about 80% of DNA, that is Basque Apparently the idea of successive invading migratory cleaning out, or marginalizing, of previous dwellers is inaccurate. The Early Human Ancestors rather than "Cro-Magnon" inhabited most of Europe It's being shown that each wave of humanity was and is, then mostly assimilated by the inhabitants. I think the book is titled "Out of Eden"?


  2. That's an amazing percentage. DNA tests show similar overlaps between Jewish and Aryans, Bosnian Muslims and Serbs, etc. What does that tell us, eh?