Sunday, October 13, 2013

Embroidered Txapelduns for Champions

These pictures come from the Facebook site of Tarratadie, embroiderers of txapelduns. 
The Basque word Txapela is generally translated as beret, but really means 'hat'. A beret is a hat, but a hat not necessarily a beret… 
The word has become synonymous though with Basque identification and culture; restaurants, bars, etc called Txapela are many. 
In the Basque Country it is the custom to award a beret to the winner of a competition, especially a bertsolari competition (a bertsolari is a singer of bertso, a musical verse generally sung by two alternating bertsolaris), but also for all other sports, be it cycling, basketball and even Basque cooking.
 The Basque word for champion is txapeldun – literally, 'one who has the hat (beret)', the same word used for the large diameter berets made by Boinas Elosegui and for sale here.

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