Friday, October 25, 2013

Enzo Del Re

Vincenzo Del Re, known as Enzo Del Re (1944 - 2011) was an Italian singer-songwriter born in Mola di Bari (Italy), where he practiced the activity of storytelling.
Not wearing a beret in the traditional sense of the word, but close enough to justify a post on The Beret Project to this remarkable man. 
He began composing and singing his songs on the Day of Unity in his native Mola di Bariin in 1958. Soon he abandons traditional instruments and turns to percussion of various objects, accompanied with singing. He developed the art of using his body as an instrument: "linguafono", ie the sounds produced by the click of the tongue on the palate and modulated by the openings-closings of the mouth.
During the 1960's he worked for his father at the vegetable market in Florence. 
In the 1970's Enzo Del Re becomes one of the most radical on the Italian music scene, for his lyrics have a strong civil and political content, but also for his choice not to use traditional musical instruments but only percussion instruments made with recycled materials, usually chairs. In addition, for his performances he asks no more than the equivalent of the daily wage of a metalworker.
His most famous song is "Working Slowly", composed in 1974 and used by small radio station in Bologna Radio Alice as the opening and closing of their broadcasts.
His records were distributed by small labels and sold during his concerts or during political demonstrations.   

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