Sunday, October 27, 2013

The New SPECIAL: Tarte Winter Version!

For all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, feeling the approach of winter: this is your saviour, the Chasseur Alpin's field uniform winter version of the Tarte (in 200 grams weight!) in a dark navy-blue; a beret that is, even in France, very hard to find. Made by Laulhère in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Departement Pyrénées-Atlantiques). 
Due to French Government regulations, these berets have to be re-fitted with a plain lining and with the military label removed before they can be exported and sold to customers outside the French military. Therefore, these berets have a plain black cotton lining and carry the South Pacific Berets label.
These Tartes in 320mm diameter are not fitted with a headband, but have a thick wool rim which is sized, making these berets extremely comfortable and well fitting.
Now on SPECIAL for a limited time with 15%+ discount at $ 75.00.

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