Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Michael Morgan

Australian artist and dedicated beret wearer Michael Morgan was born in Melbourne, in 1940 and had his first exhibition when only 19 years old (opened by celebrated artist John Brack).
Since then, Morgan has had 33 exhibitions; his latest exhibition (October 2013) is entitled "Bon Vivant", A cache of works celebrating, food, fruit and produce from the sea.  
The artist at home, at Bruny Island
Morgan's paintings are vibrant, free flowing works textured with lashings of paint. They are expressive, whimsical and lyrical. Morgan has lectured in Art, studied Lithography and run a regional gallery. He was once flown to Brisbane to paint an 11 by 6 metre mural in five days. He believes, “Art should transcend depth and meaning beyond just decoration.”
Michael Morgan: Phillip Island Jazz

When asked what motivates him to create, he replied, “Each day is a delight. The creative force is strong. My art is an evolving process. I am finding my own authentic voice, and that takes a lifetime. The voice is growing stronger. I just love colour and paint.” This is evident in his work.
Michael Morgan: Dalgleish
73 years young Michael Morgan lives and works at beautiful Bruny Island, of the coast of Tasmania.
Banners designed by Michael Morgan

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