Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Laulhère Béret Casquette @ Reduced Price!

I have stocked the Béret Casquette for some 6 months now, but it's only after seeing the manufacturing process myself (while visiting the Laulhère factory in Oloron Sainte Marie), that I developed a real liking for this very special béret.
As I posted previously, the manufacturing process is identical to the manufacturing of a Béret Basque, but what I didn't realize is that the Béret Casquette is actually made of a Béret Basque!
The process starts with an un-hemmed beret in 10 pouces. This "rough beret" is stretched over a steel oval shaped mould. The head-opening is stretched a long way, till the circumference of the actual Béret Casquette with the peak included. Then, under steam, a thick metal flexible rod is creating a fold, slowly pulling itself to the center of the beret, that way shaping the peak. A sized headband is then inserted to form the proper head-opening. On the 4th picture, you can see the "rough berets" in the bottom left corner, before stretched over the mould.
A simple, and at the same time, very sophisticated technique. And for a beret-purist like myself, the realization that yes, the Béret Casquette is abolutely a true beret!
Presently available in Black, Navy and Sable (Sand) with bayadère lining or in un-lined version in Black and Navy at a reduced price (click here). 
Also, more colours will come available later this month!

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