Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Brand New Laulhères!

Well overdue, but they’re here – finally! The new stock by French beret manufacturer Laulhère and, if I may say so myself, some very interesting berets among them.
All new are the “Classic Workers Berets”: No-nonsense, classic workers berets in 100% merino wool, lined and carrying the decades old labels Bortia and Chirola, especially reincarnated by Laulhère for South Pacific Berets (and not available anywhere else). Quality berets that should last you years, available in a large variety of colours in a 280mm diameter. Great berets at a small cost of only $ 45.00.
More in the Laulhère Béret Casquette range; true berets in the sense of manufacturing, but with a definite peak. Not quite a beret, not quite a flat cap - it's a Béret Casquette! And now available in Basque Authentique quality in Bordeaux and Grey.
Also completely new in our range is the béret Pedrito (or "Little Peter"), an an old Laulhère label that has seen continuous use over the decades. The Pedrito is a top quality merino beret in marine (navy), 10.5 pouces / 295mm diameter with leather headband, satin lining and luxurious finishing. The card-playing Pedrito comes in a cotton gift-bag, at $ 65.00.
And many existing labels have been re-stocked, so most labels, colours and sizes available again!
Have a look here, on the Laulhère shelves of South Pacific Berets:érets-laulhère.php

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