Monday, October 8, 2012

Cleator Moor's KANGOL

A great interesting web site on the history of Cleator Moor (and the origins of KANGOL) is the CleatorMoorBlog.
Cleator Mills advert - date unknown
Many pictures of the old (now abandoned) factory, the workers accommodation, life in the area.
Abandoned KANGOL factory hall
Highly recommended for those interested in British beret history. 
Kangol Works The Kangol hat works in Cleator
The KANGOL hat company was started up in Cleator in 1938 by Jakob Henryk Spreiregen, who was born in Russia, to make berets. The name KANGOL come from silK, ANGora and woOL. The factories in Cleator and nearby Frizington used to employ hundreds of people, making fashion hats, and fashion and military berrets. The factories have closed, with manufacturing now in China.

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