Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Winter Tarte!

I have praised a variety of berets on this blog, from the little Radiovka, via the Basco Roma to the German Baskenmuetze and the supreme  Elósegui 150 Años Edición Limitada. 
And all are highly recommended berets, all in their own way. But, where the Edición Limitada may objectively be the best beret in the world (yes, I honestly believe this!), I find the winter version of the Tarte by far the best beret for myself to wear. To be honest, I wear nothing else (apart from my Basco Roma, inside the house at night...).
Not available to the general public, I struggle to get any for South Pacific Berets, but have just managed to secure a few more (and hopefully, get more in over the next few months).
These berets are 320mm in diameter and weigh almost 200 grams (!) and come in a dark navy-blue.  Made by Beatex-Laulhère in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Departement Pyrénées-Atlantiques)Due to French Government regulations, these berets have to be re-fitted with a plain lining and with the military label removed before they can be exported and sold to customers outside the French military. Therefore, these berets have a plain black cotton lining and carry theSouth Pacific Berets label.
These Tartes  in 320mm diameter are not fitted with a headband, but the thick wool rim is sized. Presently available in size L (59-61). 


  1. Hi Dann,
    I was so lucky to be offered one of these from your previous shipment! These berets rock and I just put in an order for a spare!
    Keep up the good work,

  2. You are welcome, Jason.
    No. 2 will be posted first thing in the morning. Enjoy!

  3. No, I will not order, I have already enough basque berets
    No, I will not order, I have already enough basque berets
    No, I will not order, I have already enough basque berets

  4. Great beret, but in price similar to the most expensive Spanish and French berets. I'm hesitant...
    Why so much? Is it worth the money?
    Leonard Waltz

  5. Hi Leonard,

    These berets are expensive, but yes, I believe they're very much worth it!
    To me, it is the most comfortable beret to wear I have ever worn (honestly); it's the combination of weight, the sized woollen rim, the great flight and (not un-important when living in the windiest city of the southern hemisphere), it stays on in any weather!
    About the price: they are very expensive to buy for me too (the 2nd most expensive beret I buy, wholesale). On top of that, come shipping costs from France to New Zealand, GST, duties and import taxes. That is, if I manage to source these berets at all, which proves difficult.
    I stock them out of sheer enthusiasm - not as a money maker (by a long way).
    Does this help?


  6. thanks for sharing.