Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Pretty Labels

A few more samples from my collection; beautiful and elaborate pictures in their own right. A Basque farmer at his farm in the Pyrenees,
 A yacht at full sea,
A picture of parachutists jumping from an airplane (I love the way they hang on their parachutes) with, what seems to me to be the logo of the Gendarme Nationale
And this beautiful piece of artwork 'Nos Ailes'; a soldier in the uniform of the Chasseurs, in a trench behind bared wire, an (allied) airplane flying over... Don't see labels like this anymore these days. 


  1. The Grand Ciel logo "Flaming Grenade" could also be the symbol for the French Foreign Legion (the 7 flames represent the 7 branches of the Legion). That would also explain the paratroopers better than in the context of the Gendarme Nationale.

    1. You're probably right there. Never counted the flames of grenades before, but indeed, the G.N. insignia show 8 flames and not 7.
      Thanks for your comment.