Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chasseur Alpin type Beret in Serbia during WWI

The truly beautiful pictures here are stills from historical film material of British Pathé. This is the accompanying text:
"Serbian cattle and sheep arrive at Chevgen. Serbia.
Herd of sheep; goats (sturdy mountain type animals) coming up middle of street; soldiers (perhaps Serbian; walk on sidewalk by single-story houses Closer shot of cattle approaching on street; driven by 2 shepherd boys in rear; waving sticks; wearing berets."
And of course, it is very interesting to see these berets in Serbia during WWI. The soldier (officer) in the first pictures could be a French Chasseur Alpin (but what was he doing there..?), but the shepherd boy on the last picture won't be French - still he wears a beret.

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