Wednesday, October 3, 2012

LRH aka L. Ron Hubbard

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911 – 1986, better known as L. Ron Hubbard (and often referred to by his initials, LRH), was an American pulp fiction author and the founder of the Church of Scientology. After establishing a career as a writer, becoming best known for his science fiction and fantasy stories, he developed a self-help system called Dianetics which was first published in May 1950. He subsequently developed his ideas into a wide-ranging set of doctrines and rituals as part of a new religious movement that he called Scientology. His writings became the guiding texts for the Church of Scientology and a number of affiliated organizations that address such diverse topics as business administration, literacy and drug rehabilitation.
The Church of Scientology describes Hubbard in hagiographic terms, and he portrayed himself as a pioneering explorer, world traveller, and nuclear physicist with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, including photography, art, poetry, and philosophy. His critics have characterized him as a liar, a charlatan, and mentally unstable. Though many of his autobiographical statements have been proven to be fictitious, the Church rejects any suggestion that its account of Hubbard's life is not historical fact.
Personally, I don't know many people who look as bad with a beret as LRH...
Weird Jack and LRH performed the Babalon Working ritual along with Scarlet Woman, 
Marjorie Cameron, above. The goal of this ritual was to produce a satanic Moonchild

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