Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Scandinavian Series #17 Harri Linnala

Meet Harri Linnala from Sweden, 64 years old, retired.
How would you describe your style?
- A little bohemian.
What preferences do you have in clothes?
- I had a beret since I was 12 years old. There is a thought behind it: at the time, you always had to lift your hat when you met an older man and I thought that if I got a beret, I didn't have to do that. It is an original from the Basque Country. I usually wear a pea coat, it was the fashion in the 60's and I've stuck with it. I think it's the large pockets on it.
Is there anything you'd never wear?
- I'm a bit conservative, I have to say... Maybe not typical girl's clothing.
You dress depending on your mood?
- No, I have a number of shirts that go around, then I wash a lot at once.
How important is clothing for self-esteem and identity?
- Sure, it's important. One should be a bit individual.
Do your clothes mirror you as a person?
- Not really. I am a scientist and have worked as an engineer. I didn't dress like the others on the job, but they accepted me anyway. My clothes reflect probably more my other interests, I am very fond of classical music and often go to the Concert Hall.

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