Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Obama, please

I found this picture of Priscilla Chavez of New Mexico, who wears a patriotic Obama beret during day two of the Democratic National Convention. 
Now, showing support for a presidential candidate (for a country at the other side of the globe from me) may not be the best for my business - I have had some pretty nasty emails after previously posted support for Obama and my comments on Ms Palin, but then, the inconvenient truth is that a United States president so much influences the lives of, well pretty much everyone on the planet.

No, I won't go as far as bringing out an Obama Beret, just some pic's every now and then - but for the occasional Republican visiting here, I'll happily post one of the many photoshopped pictures that circulate on the WWW, portraying Obama as a cowardly, smoking, beret wearing, American hating Frenchman:


  1. Aww! Sweet. Is he any relation to that nice Ernest Hemingway? See 4th picture here especially: http://www.hemingwayhome.com/legend/