Thursday, October 11, 2012

French Astronaut Patrick Baudry

Ah yes, the French, or what (some) Americans find of the French...
This is French astronaut Patrick Baudry and I found this great photograph on the web site "Irksome France". 
Where I think it makes a great statement and photograph, the writer argues:
"They think they are funny : the French are so sure of their superiority that they believe they can proclaim stereotypes against themselves as a form of humor. They are surprised when foreigners take them literally.
A good example is when French astronaut Patrick Baudry flew on the US shuttle in 1985, wearing a "beret basque" : it was an excellent way to proclaim to the world "France = beret + red wine" instead of "France = technology". Too bad for French exporters..."

It makes great reading, until you understand that the guy is serious (he doesn't think he is funny!). Of course, he really talks about Americans, not about the French.


  1. Oh well, I had a look at that website and didnt understand the mesage that good. But as a german I can say this about the french:
    -they have one of the finest cuisines in the world
    -likewise a rich cultural heritage
    -they beheaded their king
    They may be arrogant, but at least they dont drowse everything wich Ketchup before showeling it down with loads of sugary piss.

  2. You're right : why shoud wearing a beret be in opposition with technology ?